Bicycle routes in Brittany

Cycling is France's number one sport, with the Tour de France being its flagship event. Therefore you will not be surprised to find that Brittany has 8 major cycle routes, and greenways running the length and breadth of this beautiful corner of France, including, Route 1. Roscoff to Nantes, and Route 6. Rennes to Camaret-sur-Mer. Cycling is taken so seriously that many disused railway lines have now been given over to cycling. These routes are all very well maintained, including routes along rivers, canal towpaths and country lanes.

Ty Bara Kozh (B&B) is just under a mile from Route 1. Roscoff/Nantes, and Route 6. Rennes/Cameret-sur-Mer, in the village of Saint-Gelven, Bon Repos sur Blavet, Cotes D'Armor, close to Lac de Guerledan, and l'Abbaye Bon Repos, situated between Gouarec and Mur de Bretagne.