Local Places of Interest

Local Attractions...

There's always lots to do right on the doorstep of our bed and breakfast in Saint-Gelven, from walks in the local forests and woods, including along the banks of the Nantes/Brest Canal, river Blavet and the Lac de Guerledan. You can go sailing, boating, swimming and water skiing on the lake, as well as relaxing in the café's, bars and restaurants around its shores.

Local historic attractions in the area of Saint-Gelven, range from Neolithic sites: 'aleese couvertes de Liscuis', to medieval: 'L'Abbaye Bon Repos' and 18th century, 'Salle de Forge'. Saint-Gelven also hosts, in August, Le Spectacle Son & Lumiere De Bretagne, an amazing production, with a cast of hundreds, horses and hounds, taking us through the historical and mythical events of the region. (For more information see website www.pays-conomor.com)

This area of central Brittany is surrounded by many pretty ancient villages
with distinctive architecture, and with extremely fine restaurants and bars for the gastronome and 'Bon Viveur'.Many of these restaurants traditionally catered for workers, providing them with a 'Formule' (a set menu), for lunch. A Formule usually consists of a starter, main course, cheese and dessert and quite often come inclusive of wine, or cider. Today these same restaurants are still very popular, and now are only too happy to cater for visitors and holiday makers.